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Women, now wait for the Monsoon!!!

Here is the unfortunate expected!!!

"There couldn't be any talks on the Women's reservation bill as parliament was focusing primarily on budget"- Pawan kumar Bansal, the parliamentary affairs minster nailed the issue.

It was a delight to the women when the bill was passed in Rajya Sabha. The Trinamool congress did not participate in the voting, the BSP walked our of the house with out voting. Still the historic bill which was waiting since 14 years made its day on the 9th of march 2010. Despite the controversies, the bill got a 2/3rd majority. The Prime minister described it as a 'momentous and historic' measure. The media anchored as the Women's day gift for the Indian Women. The government promised to introduce the bill in the Lok Sabha in the 'budget session'. All celebrations were over and the day has arrived, but with the 'unfortunate expected', "wait for the next session".

It was all the media and public debated a lot over the women's bill. Some applause,  some unsatisfied and the rest rejected. The constitution bill which holds the 108th amendment, reserves 33% of seats for the women in Lok Sabah and the state legislative assembly. While answering a question for 'why women's reservation bill is important', Gnani, an elder journalist marked in a media debate that once after the panchayats got the 33% reservation for women, the  untouched but important issues like sanitation were taken up sincerely and the change was apparent in the villages. Now, its clear that a chance for heading a great change for the whole nation is being messed up.

Its the dirty politics the bill had to suffer. April 27, 2010 - the government faced a Cut-Motion and the fate of the bill was decided apparently. Its been traded for defeating the cut-motion. In the words of the leader of opposition in Lok Sabha, Sushma Swaraj, "Whatever happened over the cut-motion in the parliament, women's bill was sacrificed in the process"!

So Women, now you wait for the monsoon session and dont get disappointed when this will happen again; after all you have waited for 14 years!!!
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Hyderabad Blast: |We just got all wrong|

rThe CBI now says, that the men were wrongly arrested for the Mecca Masjid blast in Hyderabad (2007). When it happened, the police and the media showed their fingers towards the pak-based terror outfits and now after a couple of years, they say, 'oh! we just got it wrong' the new evidence links the attacks to some radical hindu terror group. So, what happens to these young men who were arrested and been in jail for years?? And the worst part is there was no FIR filed on these guys under the blast case but were shown to the public as guilty. It is unfair if the govt. is just sorry!!
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