Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ganesh Temple festival in Denmark

SurThis Ganesh temple was built and being maintained by the Eelam Tamils. The 22nd of this month, there was the fastival of this temple. There were a lot of people participated in the fastival. Eventhough I couldn participate, I felt that the festival would be of more western, after all these people were migrants from their land settled here sice a long time wouldn’t bother to preserve their signatures. They really live a different lifestyle.
But I was wrong, a frind of mine was one among a bunch of Indians travelled from different places of Denmark to attend the occation, shared her surprize about the fastival and people there. Take a look at the pictures, see how many of these women wearing a jeans which is their regular style. Hmmm... the story is different about the men... may be I want to discuss about it later in a different post ;-) (Images from:


savani1987 said...

but what's your opinion? Should it be there in the 1st instance?? :( :(

நளன் said...

I dont follow ur question!!??

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