Tuesday, May 31, 2011 5 கருத்துரைகள்

…always close to finish!

Its the 6th day in a row, I come to the office in the morning and when I open my lab-top, am saying to myself, “I’ll finish the manuscript today”. Am I going to say the same thing tomorrow also?? I see my weekly-planner, little above the laptop screen hanging on the wall; what I could easily see is deadlines and  then moving the deadlines. When you are close to finish with some thing, and you think oh, its going to be done in some time.. and that some time continues for some time! Ah… am really tired of it…  is there a dot to cure this syndrome!!?? When I tried to pen down what I felt like, I came up with this (click here to see).

Wednesday, May 4, 2011 1 கருத்துரைகள்

Calm mind!

Its not very often, I feel this silence and being calm. There was a lot of noise around my brain last night. It would ve been a bad idea, if I decided to write this post yesterday. 

It was just because of one single experiment that went wrong yesterday, ruined my whole day. I kind of underestimated the time consumption of one of my experiments and I had a perfect plan for this week based on that experiment. But it turned out that I could only finish a small portion of it by the end of the evening. As it turned out, my plan for the whole week was messed-up. If you are a PhD student, standing in your final half year of the PhD period, you will know what is a 'week-time' means. 

This morning, the very moment I opened my eyes, I felt like the messed-up plan, like a giant frog - jumped on to my face, as if it was waiting for me all night. It was very uncomfortable carrying it during the morning functions, brush, bath, eat... all the way to the office.

I had to spend over 2 hours this morning, to remove the frog out of my face, to reframe my whole plan that could fit my expected deadlines and finally the day went smooth. It really is a great relief when you know what you are to do in a situation and you know you can do it! And am going to have a good night sleep with a calm mind!