Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hyderabad Blast: |We just got all wrong|

rThe CBI now says, that the men were wrongly arrested for the Mecca Masjid blast in Hyderabad (2007). When it happened, the police and the media showed their fingers towards the pak-based terror outfits and now after a couple of years, they say, 'oh! we just got it wrong' the new evidence links the attacks to some radical hindu terror group. So, what happens to these young men who were arrested and been in jail for years?? And the worst part is there was no FIR filed on these guys under the blast case but were shown to the public as guilty. It is unfair if the govt. is just sorry!!
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"Hyderabad blast: More proof they were wrongly arrested"
- Hyderabad blast: More proof they were wrongly arrested (vis på Google Sidewiki)

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