Sunday, June 19, 2011

Yet another journey with out the Passport!!

Successfully crossed the sea... across the German border... in to Denmark... and finally, boarded the train to Aarhus! No one will ever come after this and ask me, "May I see your passport, sir?". Oh, this is the second time am doing this; and never been caught for traveling out side Denmark with out the passport which keeps me away from remembering to take my passport out from the closet while packing my stuff for the travel. Hell with my memory. I would say, its also because of a typical Indians mindset, 'passport is for flights' and here in Europe, very often you will travel across countries by bus or the train as I did later and now.

The first time, it was to Den Haag, The Netherlands. We were about 50 people traveling by bus from Aahus to Den Haag, a month ago to take part in a demonstration organized in front of the International criminal court (ICC), demanding the ICC to initiate investigations against war crimes committed by the Srilankan army in the name of 'Humanitarian Operation' against the Tamil Tigers (LTTE) (in fact against the Tamils on the whole), two years before. I informed the event organizer in the bus while we were about to cross the borders. He said, "its not very often they stop vehicles and check, but if they do today, we will try to explain. It might or might not help. Lets see." I wasnt sure if that was a note saying, 'dont worry' or 'keep worrying'??!! But my mind choose to do the later, until I went in to sleep. But nothing happened, no one asked on the way to and fro. I remember I had the same feeling as I have now when I crossed the border back. Oh! I shouldn't do it again. But, of-course I did it again.

Its to Lubeck, Germany this time to visit my school day friend Krishna. I didnot had the feeling until I lost the signal in my mobile phone. Then I realized, 'Damn it! Am going to another country!' Until then, I was cool enjoying the music. But then, every time the ticket checker crosses, my mind voice goes, "Don't come to me... dont come to me...! I hope he dont hear me screaming...! hm.. its good that the humans are not yet evolved for hearing one another's mind voice..." and so much on!

But I dont even know what would be the punishment for that. I have the social-security card from Denmark, but people say no thats not acceptable, you need to carry the resident permit! But anyways, after giving this deep though, I hope I wont do this again! :) If I do, I wish I get caught once ;-)... just curious to know what could that situation be!! :D


Unmai said...

Atleast from now on inform home on the details of ur travel.. One of us could send u a checklist and reminders..

விடுதலை | Viduthalai said...

Past: Unmai always had to remind viduthalai for his hall ticket during his exams.
Present: Unmai anyways want to remind viduthalai for his passport during his travels. ;-)

Arun Nishore said...

or you can inform your close friend to whom you havent spoken for almost 8 months and he can help you since he escaped entering cananda by a narrow margin of quater mile :)

விடுதலை | Viduthalai said...

@Arun: I always knew, you are the right person to call for help!!!

kavi said...

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