Monday, April 4, 2011

Blog guilt and the sunday night diner expedition!

Its been a while since I wrote a blog and its been troubling me a lot these days. So finally today I wanted to write something and opened my "ScirbeFire". Hmmmmm... but am stuck, I dont know what to write!! By the time I was rotating my eyes, my google reader app showed 17 documents unread... I thought, 'ok, lets jump in to the reader and get some inspiration to write'... it was all politics, dirty politics around the state and the central govt. revolving around the forthcoming assembly election. Sigh, my brain is not ready to deal with this s#!t now and so I moved on... what to write??? This blogging guilt is driving me crazy tonight... am I alone in this planet?? Ctrl+T -> blog guilt 'Enter' (Fig.1). No am not!! Over 11,600,000 hits... am not crazy enough to read any of them!
Fig.1 (Click to enlarge)
Ofcourse, I feel better now, but still that doesnt answer the question stuck between my fingers and the key borad. 'what should I write??' Should I write about the delicious dinner (fresh in my stomach ...up to  the throat) hosted by a nice Tamil Family? But I havent written any thing like that in my blog... but why not? After all, its my friends who are going to read it and is in't it good to share such nice things with my friends through this medium??!! yeah, why not? 

Fig.2. Idiyappam 
So, here I go with my 'sunday night dinner expedition'!! It was a great meal with Chicken curry, Dhall with Potato, Beaf curry, Boiled eggs, and a special liquidy stuff called 'sothi' (made of tomato and garlic)! For all these above side dishes, the main dish was idiyappam (Fig.2) and finally, the course ends with icecream dressedup with fruit salad. Oh... I wish I could have an extra stomach!! After the great meal I was playing with their kids (3 of them, 10, 8 and 1 year old). Vithushan, the eldest wanted to entertain me with his newly learnt dance moves from his favorite Tamil hero, Vijay (Video attached); Yathusan, the youngest wanted to join-in but cant affond to dance with his loosing balance. He also has got a couple of tooth in his jaws and occationlly wanted to experiment its presence on me!!

Saruka, the middle one was unfortunately not so much in joy as she got her right fore-hand operated for removing a glass piece sitting between her soft muscles since a couple of months, from an unfortunate car accident! But I was happy that she could enjoy the music and dance with me. It was really a nice time I had with them during this sunday evening; and finally before I left their home, had a nice Tea with milk, sugar and cardamomum. Good that they dont have their car for tonight to drop me, so I got the chance to walk to and from the bus, on the way back to my home for letting the food to settle down and digest better. 

So thats how the story ends and now, I ve also got some text and few figures in my post and thats how am getting over my blog guilt for today!! Thanks for reading it folks!! ;-) 


Uma said...

M....polambaradhukku oru post....irunthalum nalla irukku :-)!

விடுதலை | Viduthalai said...

to some extent, i think blogs are meant for that ;)

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