Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Anarchy took charge to enact the legislature!!

We have a strongly written legislature in India. Yes, a strongly WRITTEN legislature; i hope I will convince you for that at the end. 

It was a few days before, I dropped-by a blog hosted by a student from Maharastra state. The title of his post made me to stop there. It read as 
The 16 year old has offered his refute upon his government, for removing a "controversial" book from the university syllabus. The reason for his complaint was that, the government made the decision because, the said book carries contents which may defame the ruling political party . I had a say before I leave the page. I wrote,
"In India, like many other things, democracy is also a ‘written in black and white’ thing!" 
It occurred to me again with in a  short period of time, just few days I guess. So here I am to pen-down my thoughts, in my accent!

The majority people in India who belong to the Hindu religion, just finished the Dhasera celebrations."Ayudha puaji (ஆயுத பூஜை)" is known to be an integral part of the whole Dhasera celebrations. This day is meant for worshiping the tools, equipments and implements of any kind. A festival to pay homage to the tools they use for their occupation is infact the belief. This has been extended to decorate and make special worships for the business places aswell. Its special to the Indian kids as this is the only day their parents ask them not to sit, study thier text books, but decorate and keep them with the idols of worship.

But, being a secular state, all these and many other religious celebrations are restricted to private intrests alone. There is nothing unlawful in celebrating the occasion in household or private environments. It is according to law, the practice of such (and any other) religious rituals in any government premises is illegal. Even idols, pictures or any form of religious symbol is illegal to practice in government settings.

This stays a very good example for the expression, "strongly written" legislation, because in fact, almost no government office obey the said policy. Every year, in every government office, there is this day the place is decorated and pojas are being conducted without fail. Not only this one such religious ritual, there is a long list if we observe keenly. I lived in few other states in India other than Tamil Nadu, where I was born and have seen that every government institution does these unlawful religious practice. I will be happy to know if there is some place in India where there is no such activities.

The heights of this unlawful practice is that the very department where you can complain about illegal behavior also follows the same, the 'police department'. They do decorate their, wireless receivers, pistols, rifles and other gadgets in their custody. So, whom should we go, blame when the whole nation is doing this? The ones responsible to protect the law is being unlawful, so the only thing that can reverse this is 'anarchy', be a rebel. Thats what happened in Tamil Nadu state this year.

The social organization, "Periyar Dravidar Kazhagam"  issued requests to the police stations about preventing and not to practice the religious rituals in the government buildings. But the said, police station, did made all the arrangements for celebrating the ritual, neglecting the letter of public intrest which referred to the said law. Reflecting to the act, the activists made their appearance in the scene and ruined the whole demonstration.  They are behind the bars now for doing this. But, I call them 'the heros' and appreciate their daring reaction. Let this be a lesson for those who deny. Let this spark light up more fire around the country and burn the amiss.


Uma said...
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Uma said...

I have felt proud manytimes, belonging to a nation that embraces many religions and still stand as one-India. Hence such a country require specific laws which is carefully designed, to show that government doesnt support or favours any particular religion. I am happy that we have such a carefully designed constitution but, we also have carelessly disiplined citizens(officials). Its good that someone points out such things then and there, which, if taken in the right sense brings out the awareness on beautiful uniquness of India.

Found its a long comment, but that was all I felt like saying :-)

விடுதலை | Viduthalai said...

true- but many a times, the ones pointing out has to bear the tag "radical"! At least there should be some acknowledgment to such demonstrations from the educated class, without which no reform can really happen!

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